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I’m Anne Svendsen-Tune, here for health and happiness. Love. Adventure. Freedom. Empowerment and growth. Believing in having it all.

I wear many hats.  I’m very lucky to be the girlfriend of the best man I ever met. I’m a daughter and sister to a family living in different countries to me. I am a friend to fabulous people – many of which I also find spread around the globe. I work in a busy corporate job in London. I’m a (huge!) yoga fan and whole, clean foods lover. I make as much time as possible for my friends and family – often jumping on a plane for this. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and in the process became a healthy living junkie. Now, I help others define what their health living junkie looks like and guide them stepping up and into this. Am I busy? Perhaps (just a wee bit), but I suffer from a limitless desire to learn, to serve and to do good. I have been blessed with an indomitable will. And I am on the most amazing journey. And all of this makes my heart (almost) burst with happiness.

So what brings me here? 

In 2007, I said a very tearful good bye to my friends and family back home in Denmark and set off on a year long stay in Scotland to study. Except, deep down I kinda knew “this was it”, it would be life changing. You know that gut feeling? I knew I wouldn’t be going back to live in Denmark again. And that my life-plan at that time was about to be torn right up and I was setting off on the amazing adventure of following my heart. This was scary. Overwhelming. Exciting. Fear-inducing and mind-blowing.

But I have never laughed, cried or hugged as much, I have never talked or listened as much, never doubted, trusted, hated and loved as much as I have the past 6 and a half years. I have gone from confident “hot-shot-law-lover” to a soul-shaken “what-the-eff-do-I-do-now” scaredy pants. From forced exercise regimes and guilt-ridden eating habits to effortless yoga moves and lover of whole foods, green drinks and indulgent (almost) healthy desserts. And I have never felt as strong, amazing, happy and healthy as I do now.

I’m (now) a healthy living junkie! My love affair with healthy living has developed over a few years (Rome wasn’t built in a day) and is a culmination of many, independent life events. Ever since I can remember I’ve LOVED cooking, baking and roaming around a kitchen. But like many other women I began struggling big time with food and in particular my own body image during my teens. I’ve spent a lot of time comparing myself to others, starving myself, binged, cleansed and then hit the repeat button. My mid-twenties hectic, big city lifestyle looked like this (which, I by the way, rated as pretty healthy): 5 hours sleep, no breakfast, cigarette(s) on the way to work, big jug of coffee by 9am followed by a banana if I allowed myself. A minimum of 40 minutes running during my lunch break, and practically swallowing whatever  slimy sandwich I could find in the canteen. By 3pm I’m be half asleep by the computer and in need of sugar & cake to keep me going. Plus I’d definitely on my third coffee by now. Heading out for drinks after work and dinner would often be a lovely frozen pizza, tin of soups and Chinese takeaway! No surprise my immune function was lower than low, headaches were an almost daily occurrence and my tummy was tangled up in a big IBS mess! In fact I spent almost 10 years with digestive issues thinking this was just the “normal” way to feel.

This was not the lifestyle I would have picked for the country gal with access to homegrown veggies, fruit and home-cooked meals every night! So, I guess the universe decided to teach me a lesson! My hips and lower back had been complaining for a while and I was beginning to feel the many cigarettes throughout the years in my lungs. I made myself go for a run anyway. I was tired and didn’t pay attention to the crack in the pavement and so I fell. I fell so hard that my doctor banned me from running. This felt like nothing short of a disaster and it didn’t take long for the panic to set in. I soon began obsessing over how enormous my tush would become, how my muffin top would transform into a gigantic black forrest gateaux if I didn’t go running. Though I wasn’t ready to admit this, exercise (in particular running) had become the only way I would allow myself to “enjoy” food and square out the calorie score. The only way I could keep the constant guilt at bay and feel just slightly alright with how I looked.

A colleague suggested I try some yoga. Would probably help me heal my running injury. And so it began…

I signed up. I began to take notice of how I was feeling in my body and of the food I was eating. I stopped smoking. I became curious about my body, mind and spirit. Lost touch with my dreams of the confident “hot-shot-law-lover”. Felt lost. Did bikram yoga, hot yoga, all-kinds-of-flowy-yoga, calming yoga, yoga on my own, on holidays and at my desk. I felt good. I started mindfully running again. I found one book on health & nutrition, then another. I re-kindled my love for cooking and I realised how what we eat affects our health and mind, that it manifests itself in our bodies. I saw how 8 hour sleeps, self-care & love, whole foods, clean foods and super foods, quiet times and time spent on my terms me a happier person. I began paying attention to the (very) sluggish digestion I had grown accustom to – and healed it and my tired adrenals as well. I drank a green drink. Then tons more.I felt great. In my body. I let go of fighting with it and stopped abusing it. I began listening to it, nourishing and loving it. And my body started to work priorly again, doing its thing without me getting in the way. I made a huge shift in mindset from obsessing about how I look on the outside to caring deeply about how I best serve and honour my body for it to give me abundance of energy and empower me to do what I want.

I was still stuck in my mind and in my life though. I felt trapped in this set “one way” of life, this one life-plan and every day on my way commute to work, all I could think was “is this it?”. I read books on all kinds of spiritual awakenings, dived deeper into yoga – hoping for a saviour. No one came to save me (turns out you are your own saviour) but one thing I took with me: we must focus on what we’re good at, what we truly enjoy and then do more of that. We have no time to waste, life is to be lived once – it’s all we get. And thus, life is what we create. And only we, ourselves, are responsible for creating our own happiness. I threw away my fears and all the “one day” plans. Signed up to train as a holistic Health Coach. And now I feel awesome. Subtle change, over time, continues to give me endless gain.

I now prioritise health, wellness and happiness in my life. I want to feel the best I can, I want to balance my body, mind and soul. It is not always easy, it never will be, but as long as I keep it a priority I know I do the best I can. I want for you to feel the same. I want to guide and empower you to become your most healthy and nourished self. There’s no one size fits it all, and that’s what I’m all about. It is about you and what you want, need and thrive on.

As a passionate Health Coach, I work with:

  • overworked corporate goddesses, looking to get back some bounce-outta-bed energy while still rocking at the office. I help them reclaim their energy and eating habits, fine tune into their intuition and overall health and wellness goals while feeling increasingly fabulous and looking amazing.
  • prisoners of  all issues related to the digestive system who wants to break free and get their bellies back on track! I help them get rid of: uncomfortable gas & bloating, heartburn, acid reflux & GERD, constipation, diarrhoea & haemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut & candida – and help resolve the underlying issues beyond just the food and nutrients and restore a loving relationship with their bodies and digestion.
  • anyone in need of some wholehearted self-acceptance! Who want to be inspired to re-wire their mindsets, gain confidence and believe their bodies are beautiful and capable, and ready to make the healthiest choices for the unique body they are given. The ones who spend hours scruitinising what they see in the mirror, the ones who are caught up in what others think of them, the ones who reach for the cookie jar when things get tough and the ones who feel lost in who they are – because I’ve been there too. I get it.

You deserve to have the most amazing, phenomenal feeling of health and wellbeing, to live to your full potential, and I would absolutely love to support you on that journey. If you are ready to make subtle permanent change – fearlessly, with joy, confidence and clarity – email me and see here how I can help you.

I am so excited you’re here – much love and gratitude to you.



  • Full Body System 2014 (includes the Digestive, Immune, Urinary, Endocrine, Nervous and Reproductive Intensive), Holistic Nutrition Lab (Andrea Nakayama)
  • Certified Health Coach, Institute Of Integrative Nutrition (New York, USA)
  • LL.B (Bachelor of Law) University Of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Erasmus Exchange Program, University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK).