What are the Benefits of E-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, partly due to the increasing cost of smoking tobacco, and partly due to the added convenience of being able to get your nicotine fix without having to stand outside in the cold and rain like a social outcast! Additionally, e-cigarettes contain far fewer toxins and poisons than tobacco based cigarettes, making them a healthier option too. What are the main benefits of e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes come in two basic types, ones that look similar to cigarettes and use a cartridge to hold the nicotine, and vaporizers which are usually a little larger, and have a reservior tank which you fill up with e-liquid which contains the nicotine.

Both types of electronic cigarette work in the same way, using a battery to heat the cartridge or e-liquid to release the vapour.

At present (this being late March 2013) using e-cigarettes is a cheaper option to smoking because for example, a 10ml bottle of e0juice costs £4.99 and will last for the equivalent of about 200 cigarettes. In time, as the popularity of electronic cigarette devices increases and tobacco smoking reduces, it can be expected that the government will find a way to tax the e-liquid so it will become more expensive than it currently is, but even then, it is still a much healthier option as e-cigarettes contain about 1000x less poisons, chemicals and carcinogens than tobacco based cigarettes. Also, bear in mind that you can make your own e-liquid out of easily sourced ingredients, so you will never run out of e-juice even if the government decide to tax us til we bleed!… in the mean time, the best priced e-juice refills are available from: www.electroniccigarettevaporizers.com

E-cigarettes and Health

What are the health benefits of e-cigarettes?

Nicotine itself is not much more harmful than caffeine to humans. In tobacco cigarettes it is mainly the other chemicals and and carcinogens that are considered harmful to us. E-cigarettes have far fewer of these chemicals so you receive a purer dose of nicotine without the bulk of the nasties that are harmful to health.

We all know that smoking is harmful and has been proven to be so, so anything we can do to limit the dangers whilst still enjoying nicotine is in my book a good thing.

E-cigarettes and Cost

What are the cost benefits of e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are a much cheaper nicotine delivery system than traditional smoking. To get your self set up with an e-cigarette or vaporizer starter kit will cost less than £20 + a bottle of e-liquid for £4.99 which is the equivalent of 200 cigarettes. So you can start vaping for less than the cost of 80 cigarettes and from then on it will only cost you £4.99 per 200 (equivalent) and a minute amount of electricity to change your batteries.

If you want to make even bigger savings you can make your own e-juice and we have seen people online claiming they can make batches considerably cheaper than buying it ready made. It depends I suppose on how much you smoke and how much you want to save?

E-cigarettes and Convenience

One of the biggest benefits of e-cigarettes is convenience and being able to use it indoors in public places.

Since the UK smoking ban was introduced, smokers have been forced to huddle in groups in smoking shelters up and down the land. Not being able to smoke indoors in public places is a major irritant for many smokers, and electronic cigarettes offer a solution that gives off no passive smoke and is allowed in the majority of indoor public places.

No more freezing in the cold and the rain trying to get some heat from the substandard patio heater. Stay in the warm, enjoy the company of your friends…. like the old days when we could all do what we wanted!

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